America has many memorials and monuments giving honor to the patriots who have sacrificed and given their lives for our freedom, and paying tribute to those who have faithfully served in our Armed Forces since becoming a Nation. There is one group of our citizens, the families of a loved one who gave their life to protect our freedom and to give freedom to many who have never experienced it. The sacrifices of those Gold Star families have never been given recognition and honor for their sacrifice and suffering to keep America free.

The Gold Star Families Memorial Monument honors those families who sacrificed more than most of us, and illustrates that America has citizens in every community and hamlet willing to make such sacrifices. The memorial monument further illustrates that families suffer and grieve when a dear relative is lost. Without their sacrifices, freedom could not and would not have been preserved.


The Gold star Families Memorial Monument is appropriate in any community, Veterans Park, Memorial Park, City park, or veteran's Cemetery as a tribute to all the families who gave one of their own for all of us.

The Gold Star Family Memorial Monument is the vision of Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams" who established the Hershel "Woody" Williams Medal of Honor Foundation (a charitable not-for-profit organization) in 2012 that pursues specific goals and objectives to bring his full vision to fruition through this project. All goals and objectives  are centered around six core values. Courage, Sacrifice, Patriotism, Citizenship, Integrity, and Commitment. To read more about this please visit:

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The State of California's Gold Star Families Memorial Monument honoring the families of servicemen and women killed in the line of duty is soon to become a reality through the efforts of U. S. Marine Corps veteran Michael L. Emerson. Michael is a Life Member of the following veterans service organizations: The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), the American Legion, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), the Marine Corps League and American Veterans (AMVETS). Michael is the Post Commander of AMVETS Post 911 in Hayward, California. Michael is also the Chairman of the committee for the Gold Star Family Memorial Monument project in Hayward, California and an Honorary Board Member of the Hershel "Woody" Williams Medal of Honor Foundation.

The team to build the memorial will be comprised of military veterans, gold star families and business leaders from the area. To learn more about donating to this Gold Star Families Memorial Monument, please contact Michael at:
or call him at (510) 247-0777



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